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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Welcome to the third installment of the Stacked Earrings Challenge!

This time, Leah sent us a glorious selection of beads. Malin took a beautiful sorted-by-color photo of them for us.

For the last two, I made four pairs each. This time, I was determined to make more. And I did! I made seven pairs! And my shoulder is still not back to normal. I actually made some of these a few weeks ago when I was even less back to normal, so go me!!!

This pair features some beads from the necklace that started my whole jewelry making affair. The faceted purpley fire-polished beads were on an old necklace of my grandmother's. There were some other beads on that necklace that I loved even more and decided I was going to learn wire wrapping and I was going to get some sterling wire. I went all out. I never even wear the necklace I made anymore. I need to break it out. But back to these. Those, and the gold discs are mine, everything else is from Leah.

For this pair, the blue, red spacer, white flower combo are all Leah's. The rest are mine. The round red beads and silver spacers are vintage, plus some bone spacers and little faceted silver beads on top. Plus the birdies.

The beautiful lamp work focals here come from the wonderful Amber of Naos Glass fame. I'd been hoarding them for a while, waiting for the right inspiration. I think I found it! Everything above them is mine. Everything below them is from Leah.

The only thing of mine here are the blue flower spacers under those magnificent Czech focal beads, as well as the blue dangley bits on the bottom.

The copper spacers were mine, the pink piggies are actually from one of our other participants, Rebecca's etsy shop. The Greek ceramic daggers are from the aforementioned Naos Glass. The two blues, and the bottom pinks are from Leah.

I apologize for the blur here. I thought it came out better when looking at it on my phone. Other than the brass spacers, this is all from Leah. I really love how they came out!

Everything purple on this (I apologize again for the blur) pair is from Leah. The silver and black & white beads are mine.

I can't believe I made 7 pairs! And I actually really like them all! This has been such a fun challenge to participate in, and we still have 2 more to go. I encourage anyone reading this to grab a few of your beady buddies and do something similar. 

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